Say goodbye to unlegitimate users

Focus on your product, not on verifying identity. Reduce compromisability and increase user satisfaction overnight.

You keep the data

We never see your user information. Once the user enables Tok3n in your app, we provide you with a user_id which identifies him in our platform.

Automated user account recovery

Forget about scripting complex recovery mechanisms and landline call fees. We manage that for you.

How it works

Connect with Tok3n

Tok3n can work as an opt-in feature in your app or as a default requirement. Our API makes connecting with Tok3n seamless.

Download our free app

Once connected, new users download our free, simple to use app. Existing users are connected instantly.

Start validating!

You can start requesting validation with our API for anything you consider important, like logging in or making a purchase.

Easy integration

Embed on any html with our javascript snippet

<form action="your-action.lang" method="POST">
src="" class="your-class"
data-app-name="Demo Site">
<input type="submit" />

Retreive the response with our modules

curl \
-d "ApiKey=HcI561xLCo4666st0871VP" \
-d "UserKey=Ngfl6Gn2q15g8mR28vi2no" \
-d "otp=123456"
$response = tok3n_verify ("your_private_key",

if ($response -> is_valid) {
// Successful verification
} else {
// Failed verification
<%@ page import="net.tok3n.Tok3nImpl" %>
<%@ page import="net.tok3n.Tok3nResponse" %>
Tok3nImpl tok3n = new Tok3nImpl();
String otp = request.getParameter("tok3n_otp_field");

Tok3nResponse tok3nResponse = tok3n.verify(user_key, otp);
if (tok3nResponse.isValid()) {
// Successful verification
} else {
// Failed verification
# Gemfile: gem 'tok3n', :require => "tok3n/rails"

respond_to do |format|
if tok3n_verify(:private_key => 'your_private_key',
:user_key => @user_key,
:otp => 'tok3n_otp_field')

# Successful verification
# Failed verification
var Tok3n = require('tok3n').Tok3n,
tok3n = new Tok3n('yourPrivateKey',

tok3n.verify(function(success, error_code) {
if (success) {
// Successful verification
else {
// Failed verification